Onboarding Coaching

Any new function in a new environment brings with it a period of transition and change. The success enjoyed in a previous position, the role assumed at that time or the previous management style will not automatically lead to guaranteed success in the new position.


The first 100 Days                                               

How can I free myself of the past and prepare in order to achieve the required effect or spread the correct message and ensure my credibility? 


Key Challenges

How can I assess the opportunities and risks coming with the new function and identify the expectations in myself and my role?


Early Successes

What is my strategy, and how can I grasp the situation in order to achieve small, rapid but significant successes?


Sustainable Relationships

How can I identify trustworthy colleagues? Where can I get the necessary information? How can I put together sustainable coalitions? How can I develop a reliable network? How do I form a successful team of my own and how can I make the change easier for other people?



Where do I need to reconcile structures, processes or resources, or overcome sources of conflict?


Work-life Balance

How can I keep an eye on my own balance and maintain my well-being?


To answer these questions correctly and to act accordingly is one of the most important prerequisites for sustainable success in a new position.


With our Onboarding Coaching, we support executives acting as sparring partners and adding our outsider’s viewpoint and our management experience. We examine situations critically and offer new ways of looking at things. This enables our clients to focus on what is important, recognize promising approaches and avoid fatal mistakes.