Individual Outplacement

An involuntary change of position represents an unfamiliar, exceptional situation for executives. According to our experience, managers with responsibility for an organization or a division who are used to taking decisions and develop their employees often face difficulties in managing their own separation and reorientation.


Positive Attitude

How can I transform my negative energy into a positive one and direct it as quickly as possible to shaping my personal future?


Life Philosophy

What does really matter to me? How do I define success? What are my goals, professionally and personally, for the next years?



Are these goals compatible with the parameters presented by the current employment market, my competencies and my financial and personal needs?



Am I looking for entrepreneurship, participation in an organization, an interim management role or a board mandate rather than for a new job? 



How should I proceed in a professional manner? How should I organize my campaign? How do I reach the crucial people and how and where can I find the relevant information?



How can I position myself, create my personal profile (USP) and communicate clearly to compete in a competitive environment?


Sustainable Success

Which “dos and don’ts” do I have to consider in order to succeed in a new organization or new field of work, maintaining my effectiveness and my work-life balance in the long term?


These and many other questions arise after a job loss.


As part of an individual outplacement program, we offer our clients professional support as consultants and coaches, starting with a career and personal assessment, followed by an individual marketing and communication concept and the implementation, contract negotiation and onboarding. Active listening, seeking new perspectives, demonstrating a suitable methodical approach and critically questioning results are part of our job as well as assessing, networking, optimally presenting and building up a persuasive negotiation strategy.


The various needs of our clients require a situational, individual approach, which we can offer thanks to many years of personal experience in leadership and consulting as well as our market knowledge and knowledge of methods.