Executive Coaching

Leading through change processes and entering into a new function are among the biggest challenges for managers. The technical and methodical skills are certainly important success factors. However, other factors are often more important. 


Shaping Change

How do I give my visions clear contours? 



How do I motivate my team and communicate my ideas and strategy?



How do I inspire colleagues and employees, how do I give perspectives and how do I ensure to keep my supporters?


Create a Climate  

How do I create a climate of trust by keeping commitment and motivation constantly high?



How do I enable individual creative freedom, convey appreciation, promote respect and self-esteem in the team?


With our own leadership experience and our external view, we are independent conversation and sparring partners. We are able to ask crucial questions and reflect situations. This will enable you to discover, assess and choose previously hidden solutions and process alternatives that will lead you and your team to success.