Career Coaching

Successful executives plan their careers more consciously, more actively and consistently. They reflect on current career issues systematically, lead decisions deliberately and implement concrete measures step by step. More frequently, they are looking for an experienced sparring partner.



Restructuring in the company, dissatisfaction in the existing position, the call of an executive search consultant and similar situations are opportunities for change. In which direction do I want to develop my career? What exactly do I want to achieve?



How can I recognize upcoming developments and use them for me? Do I act proactively or am I only reacting? How do I make important decisions at the right time?


Added Value

Do I really know my potential and my key qualifications? What added value can I demonstrate in my current or new environment?


People ask themselves these and similar questions before taking career decisions.


We offer our clients the opportunity to make a comprehensive analysis of their professional and personal situation as part of a professional career and personal assessment. For this purpose, we work together with experienced psychologists. Together with them we create an individual mix of tests and questionnaires. The analysis of these instruments, the personal discussions and an in-depth career interview provide clarity on the next steps and priorities in planning and implementing the most meaningful measures.


A professional situation analysis minimizes the risk of personal misjudgments and wrong decisions and increases the chance of a sustainable, successful future, either inside or outside the company.